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Walking During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and birth puts a lot of physical strain on the body. By the end of pregnancy, you'll be carrying an extra 15-20 pounds all in the front of your torso. It makes sense that so many pregnant people find themselves dealing with back pain by the third trimester! And birth is often compared to running a marathon due to how hard the body works both during labor and in the pushing phase of birth.

Because of the physical nature of pregnancy and birth, exercise can be a crucial part of preparing yourself to both carry and give birth to your baby. And one of the best exercises to do is walking!

Disclaimer: If you have a high risk pregnancy or have health concerns prior to getting pregnant, talk to your doctor before doing any form of exercise during pregnancy.

Here are some of the many benefits to walking during pregnancy:

  • walking is a low impact exercise that you can do at your own pace. This makes it manageable to do even in the third trimester.

  • exercising in general, including walking can increase your energy level. If you are feeling fatigued during pregnancy, try going for a walk!

  • it reduces pain during pregnancy (particularly at the end of pregnancy). Walking tones your muscles, and if you focus on keeping a good posture, your body will be able to handle the weight of the pregnancy better.

  • it helps you keep a healthy weight in pregnancy and makes it easier to shed the extra weight after birth.

  • having a good weight during pregnancy, and just exercising in general can lower the risk of pregnancy and birth complications significantly. This includes decreasing the chances of having a cesarean birth.

  • once again, walking tones your muscles, and this can also make it easier to give birth. Because your muscles will be more toned, you'll have more strength and endurance to get through labor and birth.

  • recovery may go faster if you exercise regularly because your muscles will be in much better shape and won't get as strained

  • believe it or not, walking regularly can even help relieve constipation because exercising promotes better digestion! I'm sure this is a pregnancy symptom we all wish we could avoid!

So get yourself out there and walk! Remember, the hardest part is starting. Once you get into the groove of it, you'll do great and your body and your future self with thank you!!

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