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     Meet Becca

Hi there! I'm Becca, and I'm passionate about helping you and your family. Whether you're looking for a birth doula, postpartum doula, or pediatric sleep consultant, I'm here to support you on your parenting journey. As a doula and sleep consultant, my goal is to empower you and make you feel safe and well-cared for. 

Through our work together, I want to support and adapt to your unique needs and parenting styles. While I bring my own knowledge and experiences to the table, I want your needs and preferences to be the driving force of your care.

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Why I became a birth and postpartum doula:

I chose to become a doula because it felt like the perfect fit for me. With a passion for supporting others, a love for babies and children, and an obsession with all things pregnancy, birth, and parenting, it was a job I was meant to do. It's an honor to support my clients in their parenting journeys and tap into my own maternal nature as I care for them and their babies.

Why I became a pediatric sleep consultant

​My journey to become a pediatric sleep consultant started from a place of deep empathy. I understand the negative effects lack of sleep can have on a person's mental and physical health, and as a postpartum doula, I have seen how much sleep support could benefit entire families. I am passionate about helping my clients set their babies up for sleep success in the early months and working with families of older babies and toddlers to get them to sleep independently.

Philosophies That Drive My Work

Mental health is a topic that resonates deeply with me, and I understand the difficulties that come with maintaining it. As a doula and sleep consultant, I strive to create a non-judgmental environment where my clients can feel heard and supported. I make it a point to check in with my clients and make sure they have the resources and care they need to thrive.


I have personally found mindfulness to be a powerful tool for nurturing mental health and self-confidence, particularly in the face of anxiety. I believe that taking care of my own mental health and well-being is essential to being there for my clients. And I love offering techniques such as meditation, journaling, positive affirmations, and breathing exercises to help my clients tap into their own inner strength.

More About Me

One of the things I love about being a doula is that there is always more to learn! I have always thrived as a student and felt empowered by education. I am always looking for learning opportunities through trainings, podcasts and articles, and nothing has taught me more than my hands on experiences with clients.

Outside of being a doula, I love reading, journaling, and dancing. Dancing is my other passion outside of my work. I started dancing when I was 18 and mostly learn by watching YouTube tutorials. I love all styles of dance but mostly practice hip hop and jazz funk. I hope to one day travel to where my favorite choreographers are and learn from them in person. 


I also have a deep connection with nature and animals. Spending time outdoors and with animals has always been therapeutic for me. I grew up with many animals as a child. We had dogs, cats, chickens, horses, and at one point a goat. If you are looking for an animal friendly doula, I got you!

Service Area

In Rhode Island: Barrington, Bristol, Burrillville, Central Falls, Coventry, Cranston, Cumberland, East Greenwich, East Providence, Exeter, Glocester, Johnston, Lincoln, North Providence, North Kingston, North Smithfield, Providence, Scituate, Smithfield, Warren, Warwick, West Warwick, Woonsocket

In Massachusetts: Attleboro, Bellingham, Blackstone, Dighton, Easton, Fall River, Foxborough, Franklin, Mansfield, Mendon, Milford, Millville, North Attleboro, Norton, Oakland, Plainville, Raynham Rehoboth, Seekonk, Somerset, Swansea, Taunton, Uxbridge, Wrentham

NOTE: Sleep services are virtual and open to anyone in the eastern time zone

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