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Client Testimonials

Where can I begin? Becca truly made my pregnancy and daughter's birth an incredible experience. Before we even had our consultation, Becca looked up my condition and presented more knowledge than anyone else I'd spoken with. I was immediately comfortable, even with all of the unknowns that would surround my pregnancy and birth experience. With every visit and conversation I felt more confident that this birth was going to be the healing I needed after a traumatic experience with my son 2 years prior. Because of my condition, everything did not go exactly to plan, but thanks to Becca being there, the correct questions were asked and we were able to advocate to get as much of what we wanted as possible. I couldn't be happier with how things turned out, and give 1000% of the credit to having Becca with us. If I can convince my husband to do it one more time, she will be the first call I make.

Birth Client

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