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3 Ways a Postpartum Doula Can Improve Your Postpartum Experience

Updated: Apr 9

Postpartum doulas work in your home to provide support during the early postpartum period. We can offer guidance on topics such as breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, postpartum recovery, and infant care. While postpartum doulas are not medical professionals and cannot medically diagnose or treat any ailments, we are able to offer resources and referrals to providers who we feel may benefit you.

By hiring a postpartum doula, you can lower your risk of postpartum depression and/or anxiety, generally experience more satisfaction with infant feeding, and have less stress throughout the overall postpartum period.

So what is it that postpartum doulas do that can be so helpful?

  1. Postpartum doulas help with the small chores around the house that can feel impossible to keep up with while caring for a newborn. We do things like dishes, laundry, light housekeeping, and even help with meal prep so you can focus on you and your baby.

  2. We are there to make sure you take care of yourself. Eating, sleeping, showering; these essential aspects of self care can be so hard to keep up with as a new parent. We are also there to listen if you need someone to talk to. If you need to process your birth experience, need to vent about the stresses of becoming a parent, we can lend a compassionate ear.

  3. We can help with infant care or sibling care. Whether you are a first time parent looking for support in newborn care or a seasoned parent who might need help juggling a newborn and their older sibling(s), a postpartum doula can help you manage it all. While we do not have the same responsibilities as a nanny or a babysitter, we are able to assist you when necessary so you can get things done, care for yourself, or even to just help you care for your baby and help you gain the confidence you need to be a competent and confident parent.

Check out my services to learn more about what I provide as a postpartum doula, the areas I serve, and how you can hire me. I highly recommend hiring a postpartum doula. We are here to make the postpartum period easier on you and your family! :)

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